Fad International Spa

Society of Group Fad founded in 1965 with the intent to further develop previous experience derived from operating in specific sectors petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, is increasingly specializing in "Service".

This effort is aimed at companies that have understood the importance of free up their internal resources, Enhancing them and directing them towards strategic goals, entrusting outside the role of optimizing their purchases.

The benefits are obvious, one supplier / partner for various products:

  • a single company to which entrust the provision of "piping" capable of harmonizing all the materials, avoiding in case of need multiple changes
  • a single company to which to send specifications, tables, drawings, general conditions
  • one company with whom dialogue, communicate changes in terms of delivery
  • one company that sends the certification request
  • one company that bill, rather than a multitude of accounting records
  • only a place of retreat and thus saving on costs and shipping times

Fad International Spa is able to provide, from ready stock and / or to express manufacture: seamless pipes made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy, flanges in carbon steel, extruded fittings, forged fittings.

By virtue of special trade agreements of collaboration with leading manufacturers / stockists: seals of all kinds, linkage, valves, special details and / or drawing, pre-fabrication (welding department).

Fad International Spa

Registered Office: via Monza 146, 20060 Gessate (Mi)
Phone: +39 02 95380130
Fax: +39 02 95784098 
E-mail: info@fadint.it
Website: www.fadint.it

FAD Kazakhstan LLP

FAD Kazahstan LLP ’s mechanical workshop has been designed and created to be as a front-end to serve closely and more effectively clients and operators for domestic demand.


Phone : (+7) 711-333-5531
Mobile: (+7) 705-772-6166
E-mail: l.mazzuo@fadflange.kz

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Republic of Kazakhstan
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